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School of the Seers and The Supernatural 2 Jul 19 - Jul 22, 2018
Register for this event Cost: $70.00
Location Venue

Yadkin Valley Event Center

1700 Winkler St
Wilkesboro (Near Moravian Falls), NC 28697

Kevin Basconi, Robert Ward and special Guest speakers Dr. James Maloney and Dr. John Proodian and the King of Glory team will be hosting this School of the Supernatural 2.

This event is an extension of the Moravian Falls School of Higher Learning!

For more info on the new the Moravian Falls School of Higher Learning Click HERE to access over 300 hours of FREE teachings from the new digital Mentoring/Bible School.

This event is designed to help the body of Christ develop the seer operation in their lives and ministries.

Kevin Basconi, Robert Ward and special guest speaker Dr. James Maloney and Dr. John Proodian of Dove on the Rise International Ministries and the whole King of Glory team will be teaching and training you at this intensive School of the Supernatural Gathering!

Come expecting a touch from the Lord.

Come expecting to learn to discern from the Kingdom of Heaven.

Come expecting to see and experience the miracle working power of Jesus at this event!


 JAMES MALONEY has been in full-time, itinerant ministry for over forty years as president of Dove on the Rise International. As a well-respected prophetic voice with an apostolic, fathering mantle of impartation, James’ expression is marked by a powerful sign-and-wonder flow, heavily geared toward healing for the mind, soul and body. Dr. Maloney is the author of the highly acclaimed book "The Panaromic Seer".

The Lord has graced his ministry with a strong influence on the manifest presence of God’s glory in corporate and one-on-one encounters that leave a residual impartation within the congregation, furthering their impact on a regional level, even expanding into sections of their respective nations. This imparting element produces profound, prophetic revelation, coupled with strategic wisdom, within the people, as well as a significant increase in signs, wonders, miracles and healing that make the local church very attractive to the surrounding community.

As the Spirit directs, James moves in a prophetic seer operation, where specific details about people’s conditions are supernaturally revealed, thereby creating faith in Jesus Christ to receive their miracle. To God’s glory and honor alone, this panoramic flow has been consistently used to dissolve metal in people’s bodies, to create or recreate limbs, to liquefy tumors and pacemakers, to open blind eyes and deaf ears, and much more!

James holds a D.D., a Th.D. and a Ph.D. and taught in Bible schools for over twenty years. Because of his desire to see this type of body ministry replicated in the lives of others, he has authored several exciting books: The Dancing Hand of God, The Panoramic Seer, Overwhelmed by the Spirit, Aletheia Eleutheroo, The Wounded Cry, the Freedom Series, The Lord in the Fires, and Living above the Snake Line. He is also the compiler of the best-selling series Ladies of Gold and Rapture in the Middle East, the collected teachings of Frances Metcalfe and the Golden Candlestick.

James and his wife, Joy, live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with their grown children and seven grandsons.


 Kevin and Kathy Basconi are ordinary people who love an extraordinary God. They co-founded King of Glory Ministries International. They have a heart to share the gospel with the poor and, the Love of the Father to widows and orphans. They have visited 30 nations preaching the gospel and demonstrating the Kingdom of God in churches, conferences, and crusade meetings. The ministry is punctuated by many miracles, healings, and signs & wonders that confirm the Word of God. They live in the mountains of North Carolina where they pursue a lifestyle of intimacy with Jesus. Kevin is an internationally published author, and award winning artist. He the Author of several books including the trilogy "The Reality of Angelic Ministry Today" books 1, 2, & 3. Kevin's newest book, "The Sword of the Lord" is now available through King of Glory Ministries International. Kevin has been graced by God to see into the spiritual realm for over a decade and often sees and discerns angelic activity. Kevin is called to equip the Body of Christ to operate in the "Seer Anointing", and to help people understand how to enter into the presence and glory of God. You can more information about Kevin and Kathy at


Robert Ward is a graduate of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in the United States. This ministry school and church is based out of Redding, California. Robert interned under the director of the Healing Rooms at Bethel Church for one year and is currently serving and volunteering in the Healing Rooms. Robert has a desire for people to encounter Jesus as the Healer by allowing His Kingdom to be displayed and released on the earth and through the revelation of His nature to walk into deeper relationship with our Father. Robert has a passion to see God’s people walk in intimacy and friendship with God. His heart is to see people experience the goodness and love of God by knowing Him. Through that relationship with Him we will see people changed and transformed by His presence. Robert's heart is to see God’s children walk in maturity as we realize our calling and destiny as a child of God and the inheritance we have been given through Christ.



John Proodian is privileged to be a son, friend, and servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. His passion is to equip the saints to be led by the Spirit in administrating the gifts of the Spirit in practical ways to a lost and hurting world. As a gifted speaker, John David activates the Word, while proclaiming the Word, enabling people to step into the moment and encounter Jesus to receive healing and impartation.

John and his wife Janet are graduates of Randy Clark's School of Ministry, and currently John is honored to be on staff as an associate evangelist with  Dove on the Rise Company International. His education in the Spirit has come from years of ministering side-by-side with his friend, mentor, and spiritual father, James Maloney. Together they have traveled the globe, proclaiming and releasing the kingdom of God in signs, wonders, creative miracles, and healing.



Andy & Cindy Wallen

Guitar and violin duo Andy and Cindy Wallen have played in a variety of secular and worship music groups over the years. They have a passion for ushering in the presence of the Lord through instrumental and vocal music. Married for 38 years, they met in music school and live in the North Carolina Foothills. Their heart is to lead people into the presence of the Lord through contemplative instrumentally based worship.


 Matthew Garrett Reames & the Dreamers

 Mathew Garrett Reames is an Author, Artist, Musician, Teacher, and a general lover of Beauty. He longs to help God's people learn to live in the presence of the Lord, and encountering Him in a personal and lasting way, we can find the satisfaction that our soul longs for through worship and praise.



 Yadkin Valley Event Center 

(Near Moravian Falls)
1700 Winkler Street,
Wilkesboro, NC 28697


  Hotels and Accommodations

Holiday Inn Express Conference Center

1700 Winkler Street,
Wilkesboro, NC 28654

 (Ask for the King of Glory Discount to get 20% off room rates)

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Registration beginning at 5:30, Session #1 – 7pm

Session #2 – 10am, Session #3 – 2pm, Session #4 – 7pm

Session #5 – 10am, Session #6 – 2pm, Session #7 – 7pm

Session #8 – 10am, Optional Worship Service, Session #9 – 2pm, Session #10 – 7pm

   *Schedule is subject to change



 Registration is

 $65.00 per person (Non Refundable)

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 $20 day rate