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Angels and Milkshakes

By Kevin Basconi

Angels and Milkshakes

My friends, not every angelic encounter has to be as powerful and fearful like some of the testimonies in the new book. When I was living in my little house on Beech Street in Bluefield, West Virginia, I would lock myself in the house—sequester myself—and read the word of God, fast and pray, and seek God’s face.

It was during this season that God began to open up my spiritual eyes to see angels frequently. During one such season of being sequestered with the Lord, I cut off my television, unplugged my phone, and purposed in my heart I was going to fast and pray until heaven invaded my space. I decided on seven days. I didn’t schedule anything. For seven days I purposed in my heart to press into the Kingdom of God and only drink water. So I was on this true fast.

After seventy-two hours the Holy Spirit spoke to me very clearly. He said, “Kevin, I want you to go to Dairy Queen and get a milkshake.” I said, “No, Lord. I’m fasting and I’m praying; remember? I want You to open up my eyes to see into the spirit in a greater way. Lord, I want to see Your angels. I know they are here. I can hear them, but I want to see Your angels. So, I’m not going to drink a milkshake; I’m going to do a water fast. I’m going to read, rest, fast, and pray. If You don’t come down here, Lord, I’m going to come up there. But I want a breakthrough.”

You see, saints, sometimes there are rewards for desperation and determination in the spirit. Jesus said, “I wish you were…hot…, because you are lukewarm…, I will vomit you out of My mouth” (Revelation 3:15). So I was pressing into God. Once again the Holy Spirit said, “Kevin, I want you to go to Dairy Queen and get a milkshake.” Again I replied, “No, Lord. I’m fasting and praying!”

My friends, it’s wise not to argue with the Holy Spirit or to be disobedient, even when He tells us to do simple things that seem foolish. By the way, it is not a good idea to debate with the Holy Spirit. You cannot win.

I continued my fast. And about twelve hours later the Holy Spirit said once more, “Kevin, I want you to go to Dairy Queen and get a milkshake.” This third time I said, “OK, Lord, but I don’t want to end my fast. I want to get a breakthrough; I want to see God’s angels.”

So, reluctantly I left my little house, walked down Beech Street, and took a left onto the avenue, walking down to Dairy Queen. And as I walked, I began to hear chuckling and laughing. It seemed as if I was being accompanied by a lot of people. But I shrugged that off as I thought that was just my imagination. But the further I walked, the louder the laughter became. It seemed as if the people who were around me were speaking in a foreign language. After a few moments it became very loud and very pronounced. I could hear stones being kicked along the sidewalk. I could hear voices echoing between the buildings as I walked between the buildings on the way to Dairy Queen.

For a moment I was absolutely sure that there were angels who were accompanying me. So I spun around on my left foot as fast as I could and stopped and looked. I suddenly executed a pivot move like a basketball player. And there behind me in a V formation were 144 angels; I’m sure it was 144 angels. They were looking at me and they were jumping up and down; they were waving and they were laughing. God opened my eyes to see those angels. I looked at them for about five or ten seconds. When I blinked my eyes, I couldn’t see them anymore; but they were still there. I could still hear them; I could still sense their presence.

I said, “Lord, what do You want me to do?” He said, “Kevin, I want you to go get a milkshake.” So I went on to the Dairy Queen and I purchased my milkshake, a chocolate one. As I did that, the angels stood around me. Of course, the other people at the restaurant and the other customers didn’t see the angels, but I knew they were there.

As I walked back up the avenue towards the little house on Beech Street, these angels accompanied me. But when I got to the house and turned to go in, I knew the angels were leaving to go to different places, not just in the city but in the region and in the nation. I went back inside, fell down in my prayer closet, and I gave God glory for allowing me to see His angelic host.

Sometimes God will ask us to do things that seem silly in the natural. He will ask you to do an act of obedience. Sometimes these can be peculiar things that seem contrary to what we have purposed in our heart. But obedience, even to do some things like going to get a milkshake when the Holy Spirit tells you to do so, is absolutely critical to activating the eyes of your heart and opening your eyes to see the angels of the Lord that are always around us all. Obedience is critical to activating the gift of discerning of spirits in your life. I also call this ability to see into the spiritual realms or spiritual dimensions the seer anointing. But perhaps chocolate milkshakes are also helpful to seeing God’s angels?

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