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Another Money Miracle in Israel!

By Staff

Hello, Kevin,

We enjoyed meeting you and Kathy in Israel! Thank you for ministering to us!

Following is our testimony regarding the multiplication of money and a couple other cool things that have happened since.

When we left home for our Israel trip, my husband had $500 in cash. He kept some in his wallet and the remainder was in the safe in our hotel room. Each day he would replenish the cash in his wallet from cash in the safe. On day 6 or 7 of the trip, we followed your suggestion to check our cash for multiplication since you had given a specific word on that.

Well, he took out his wallet and counted $346!! To be sure it was right, he asked me to count and sure enough it was $346. We thought it would be around $150 as he had been spending everyday since we left home. Amazing!

Since we have been back home the blessing has continued. He went into Panerra and ordered one chai tea latte and asked to have it served in 2 cups, we were going to share it. Instead he was given 2 full lattes, as the barista prepared the order wrong, so no charge. Then he went to the dentist for a repair on a front tooth that had been chipped off during our travels and it was repaired in less that 45 minutes and NO CHARGE!

We are excited to see what will happen next!

God bless you and strengthen you and Kathy and your ministry. I am continuing to study your book and proclaim the 31 decrees. My heart’s desire is to grow and learn more and more about our wonderful, powerful God and to take full advantage of all He has made available to us!

Blessings in Jesus name,

Dan and Pansy H