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God Gives Man a Gold Crown- Dentist Astonished! See the Picture!

By Kevin Basconi

In September 2014 we attended the Glory Invasion meetings at Christ Triumphant Church in Lee's Summit, Missouri.

When Kevin said God gave gold teeth, my first inclination was to wonder if I should flee the building. I grew up in Brazil with cessationist missionary parents who vehemently denounced all the false charismatic miracles, specifically including gold teeth appearances. Well, having seen the heart and character of the ministry as truly of God and believing God could heal or create in whatever way He desires, I stayed.

During the meeting my wife and daughter checked my mouth and found that one of my silver molar crowns had turned to gold!

What!??! I thought!

Now, my whole family will testify I didn't and never would spend extra money for a gold "tooth"/crown.

Today I went to my dentist and he said my gold tooth had decay under it and needed to come out. Wow, I thought, Gods is going to let me really see it! The dentist said that the tool, when it was made in the lab, would have been 40-50% gold.

I told him it wasn't made in a lab and told him the whole story and more. He was surprised!

I have the picture of it where you can see where the dentist had to cut through it to pry it off my tooth, and you can see that it is solid gold/alloy all the way through and not a plating, and a darker goldish stain can be seen on it near the gum line.


 I praise God for real loving miracles and this one specially crafted for me and my family and our walk of faith!!!

Daniel M