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Woman inspired after Listening to Radio Interview Gets Finiancial Miracle

By Staff


I just listened to your interview on Sid Roth.

It was super.  I shook through much of it. I have arthritis in my fingers and believe that promise was for me and I hope to replay this interview many times. Thank you so much!!!!

I am currently rereading your book the "seer anointing" and I am learning more the second time. Thank you so much for teaching folks like me these things.

I just retired a couple weeks ago. Right now I am working 5 days a week at my last two rental properties (fixing them up) which I plan to put up for sale shortly and then hope to be out of debt. So pray these will sell quickly and for a good amount.

One of my goals is to get to Moravian Falls once a month for your teaching meetings.
I enjoy your seminars and your free monthly meetings.
Since I have have started going to your meetings all kinds of neat things have happened to me with money.  Finding hundred dollar bills in my dresser drawer and  the time I gave several hundred dollars to your ministry and the next morning $2000 was in my checking account.

So anyway I am learning how to co-labor with the angels. I am still praying for the gifts of the spirit (more) and to hear and see into the spirit realm.

Most of all I want to be a vessel used of God (thanks for teaching me this).

This is so exciting.

Blessings to both  you and Kathy,

VM South Carolina


To listen to Kevin's interview with Sid Roth click HERE.