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Grace & Favor Explode After King of Glory School of the Supernatural

By Staff

God supernaturally opened the door for me to attend the King of Glory School on Angels, Signs, Wonders and Miracles.

So many things happened that weekend. I felt God said for me to go lower I sat on floor all weekend. I began to see God’s angels in the meetings throughout the weekend as I was learning about the Kingdom of God.


Confirmation was coming of things God had been speaking to me. Divine appointments at prayer mountain during breaks. A fresh anointing was being poured out upon me at the School.

During the impartational prayer...God began to touch me as soon as prayer line started, He took me back through major times of impartation I had received at major revivals and ministries likr, Brownsville, Toronto, white Horse, IHOP, Abbotsford, Canada, and my mission training at Foursquare LA...etc.


When my row was to go up for activation and prayer...I was already feeling the fire of God. When I stepped up near Kathy and Kevin the fire of God fell on me...I was burning up. I was once again set on fire.


There was huge angel of God who stepped up to me. (I believe it to be angel of Breakthrough) and I  could not move. I was totally stuck to the floor and on fire. That angel placed something huge in my right hand. It was white but it was also translucent. As I went through the line...wave after wave after wave God and the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit kept pouring down upon me.


Later, I went and sat down for a little while and then I thought well I need to drive home. On my way home...something different happened. I was driving but it was like I went somewhere else. It was like I was not able to even remember where I was and I prayed Lord please don't let me forget what just happened at impartation service, whatever God began in that service He was still doing as I traveled up the mountain. That night the whole night...God's presence was so strong. I didn't even want to sleep.

The next my surprise...the 3 nations I have been to and have connection with contacted me to come again! This was miraculous!  All video chatted with me that morning. Inviting me to come. The 3 nations are Brazil, India, Kenya. All are nations I have been and have fasted and prayed for at least 40 days of fasting and praying in each nation. And then ministry 3 to 6 months more, and all three that God has given me as part of my inheritance. All three I have walked and claimed the land for God's Glory. All three where I have orphanage to support in all three lands.

The doors opened that day. Supernaturally...have opened. The angel of The doors

opened that day. Supernaturally...have opened. I believe that God’s angel of Breakthrough caused the doors to open!

I will be returning to Brazil for 30 day starting Sept 28-October 30. I have invitations to minister in over 12 cities. All travel and transportation to and from and in the land has been provided supernaturally.

November...I will be returning to India for 21 days...I have invitation by family and ministry that I stayed with on my first trip 5 years ago that I was there 3 months. They said...”Mary you must come and be a part of what God is doing as a result of the fasting and prayers 5 years ago”. It's time! And then First of year...I will be going to Kenya.

God has opened the doors...I cannot tell you why but I was stuck....and could not seem to move as Kevin and Kathy prayed for me in the impartathion line. It was powerful!

I believe it all had to do with my obedience to be at the school. I believe it has to do with me partnering with your ministry. I have given each time I have come to be a part of events but this weekend I partnered with you to give to your ministry. I do believe it is a divine connection.

Please be praying for me as I go. To Brazil, India, Kenya and the other nations God is giving me as my inheritance. I have experienced visitations and angelic encounters for almost 40 years.


I experienced encounters before others were sharing. I have been doing mission work since the 90's but I do believe the best is yet to come.

Thank you for pouring out into the lives of others. I continue to grow and am blessed by your books and teachings!


Thank you and may God continue to open up heaven and pour out His many blessing upon you.

In His love and Grace,
Mary M

Fleetwood, NC

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