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Youth Pastor Zapped by Holy Ghost ~ Stockholm, Sweden

By Staff

Youth Pastor Zapped by Holy Ghost ~ Stockholm, Sweden

Sep 17, 2009

My name is Lucas, I wrote to you a while a go to tell you what happened that night in Stockholm.

During that conferance I was in prayer that the Lord would anoint me with dunamis power. You called the pastors to the front and I said to the Lord, I have to have this, not for my own, but "to freely give". The thing is that I am not a pastor so I didn't go forward. I was in prayer until the next sessions on sunday evening and during tha services.

That night there was a impartationservice open for everyone. I went to the front. Mr. Besconi zapped me. I am not someone that is so sensetive for the presence of God, but I had a hard time standing on my legs. Kevin went on to zapp a couple of other people and the looked at me again and said "double portion", the same thing happened again.

After this event, the anointing of the Holy Ghost has been more powerful than I ever could imagened in the meetings I have preached in (I work for free as a youthleader). Signs and wonders aint that common in my church but God is doing things that is really.. Wow! The prophgetic activity has increased and God has started to show me open visions and gives messeges more detailed and frequent than ever, even the healing anointing has become more powerfull!

My prayer is that this won't disappear, but incease so his word will have victory in Stockholm and His name will be praised!

Glory to God!

Lucas, Stockholm Sweeden