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Woman Touched by God via Web Cast

By Staff

Dear Kevin and Kathy, I had participated in the Aslan's Place service last weekend by webcam and I was astounded when Kevin called out that someone was receiving a new pituitary gland! 


I have been claiming that word and thanking God for my new pituitary.  I have been going to a gland specialist for about 8 years and the glands release toxins in layers.  My pituitary has just been opening up for my doctor to treat it ( she is a strong believer in Christ and attends a Messianic Jewish church in Grove, OK led by Rabbi Landry). 


She has been assisting my glands in getting rid of a lot of generational curses, on the DNA level.  My mother's side had a lot of witchcraft. She believes that my pituitary was where the seat of the generational witchcraft was located and it is the gland that assists us in seeing in the Spirit along with the pineal gland which sits a little below it. 


(I had read recently where Jacob called the place Pineal where he'd experienced his open Heaven of the ladder..)  Anyway, I praise God He is caring for my glands and I've suffered a lot in my mind since I've prayed to enter into such a close relationship with the Lord you described in the Dancing with Angels books I've read a year ago, but that is when He began His work to clean out my inner sight


I thank you for your prayers and ministry - you both are such a BLESSING and you both are in my prayers. 


Michelle A