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Angel In The Combat Zone

By Kevin Basconi

Angel In The Combat Zone

 In 2006 I experienced one of the most powerful and memorable visitations of an angel that I have ever encountered. This is great example of how God can use an angel to give direction. During this angelic encounter I was not alone in the room when the angel appeared. At that time I was traveling with my good friend Bishop Zenioubus Isaya, of Mwanza, Tanzania. Isaya and I were in Entebbe, Uganda on the way to Gulu, Uganda. Our mission was to learn more about the orphanage ministry. We had also carried along with us our battery powered bullhorns in hopes of preaching in the refugee camp at Pabo Uganda. Pabo is considered to be one of the largest and destitute PDC, (People Displacement Camps), in the entire world.

My good friend Duncan Hill is the founder of The Uganda Orphans Fund, and we were traveling as his guests. Duncan has produced a great video about the plight of the children in the Gulu region called “Cry Of The Bush”. I strongly encourage you to purchase that video if you would like to have more insight to the problems the children face in the region. 

 There were at that time an estimated 63,000 people who had fled to Pabo in an attempt to avoid the atrocities of the Lords Liberation Army. The Lords Liberation Army is a terrorist organization that has been persecuting and terrorizing the peoples of northern Uganda and Sudan for years. Their tactics include kidnapping innocent children. The LRA force the boys, from ages 5 to 13, to murder their families or to be killed. If they do kill the members of the family they are indoctrinated into the LRA. This involves a series of blood oaths, and secret ceremonies. Once the children are indoctrinated they become cold, hard hearted killers who take their orders from the LRA leadership. however, Uganda Orphans Fund is seeking to rescue and liberate these children that are abducted by the LRA.

 The LRA also kidnaps the little girls when they raid villages looking to increase the numbers of their ranks. These little girls can be as young as five to eight and up to eighteen. Once the girls are kidnapped they are forced to become wives of child soldiers, or the officers of the LRA. Because of the genocide in the region there are a multitude of orphans in the area. These child brides often are orphaned themselves. Once they become pregnant they are often murdered. Therefore many of the girls seek escape when they find that they are with child to avoid death and to bear their child. This is doubly complicated because the orphaned girl gives birth to an orphaned child.

 We were staying in the Imperial Botanical Beach Hotel in room 25, in Entebbe. We were to be working with a friend, Dunkin who is building children’s homes in the Gulu region. The children from the surrounding areas flock to Gulu every night in the attempt to avoid being kidnapped or murdered. They are called children of the night. It was not uncommon at that time to see thousands of children pour into Gulu in the evenings. Many would have walked miles to reach the relative safety of Gulu. They sleep in temporary camps and many simply sleep in the streets. This humanitarian crisis has been mostly ignored by the Western world.

 We had high expectations for this trip, and Isaya and I hoped to learn more about building orphanages, and helping the children. Our trip had been coincidentally timed to fall within a short lived cease fire between the Ugandan Army and the LRA. There were representatives from NATO, the WHO and other international organizations in Gulu in hope of brokering a lasting peace with the LRA to end the genocide and violence. The area is dangerous and some foreigners and journalists had been kidnapped and killed in the region. There is also the threat of unexploded land mines which litter the region around Gulu and Pabo.

 A Light from Heaven

 Isaya and I had enjoyed a good dinner and were settling into our nice room at the Imperial Botanical Beach Hotel. There was a bit of a nervous tension in the air, and we were both a little uneasy to be traveling into a war zone even with the shaky cease fire still in effect. We both fell into an uneasy sleep about 10pm after we had prayed together asking the Lord for protection, wisdom and direction for the trip into the Gulu region. About 2am I was jolted awake by the power and presence of the Lord. I sat up in the bed and the fear of the Lord was hanging thickly in the room. There was also a bright light that was hurting my eyes.

 My first thought was to be a little aggravated with Isaya. It was late. What on earth was he doing with the light on?  Suddenly I realized that the lamp was not on. I looked up into the corner of the room and there was a large ball of lightening hovering. The ball of light was about eighteen inches in circumference, and it was slightly moving up and down as it hovered about ten feet in the air. Suddenly I had the revelation that this was one of God's angels that was visiting us. Every hair on my body stood on end, and the fear of a Holy God flooded my spirit, soul, and body. I quickly glanced to my right to see what Isaya was doing.

 Isaya was not on his bed. I had the urge and strong desire to crawl under the carpet or floor if possible. Just then I heard a whimper coming from the other side of the room. I was suddenly aware of the depths and magnitude of my sinful state and wanted to get away from the unexpected visitor. I rolled off the bed and fell prostrate upon the floor. It was then that I realized the noise I had heard was Bishop Isaya who had already hit the floor and was also weeping and crying out to Jesus in prayer.

 From time to time I would dare to peek out from the corners of my eyes. The heavenly light seemed to only grow brighter. As the light of the visitor grew lighter and brighter it seemed that the anointing and glory of God also increased in our room. I was totally aware of my sinful nature and cried out to the Lord for mercy. This went on for about fifteen minutes. I was afraid to move, and occasionally peeped to see if the angel was still present. Each time I peeped my eyes would hurt from the brightness of the light emitted from the angel.

 Finally, I realized that the Lord was trying to do something. So I carefully addressed the Lord, I said; “Lord, what are you trying to do here tonight”? Instantly I had a supernatural revelation. It was not as though the angel spoke to me directly, but rather I had knowledge of the purpose of the angelic visitation. These words filled my mind. “You must be careful when you travel to Gulu. There will be great danger there. You must listen to what I say, and be careful to do as I tell you. You must not travel North East of Gulu”. Instantly I saw a vision of a group of people riding in a white Jeep. The visitor went on; “You must fast and pray while you in the North East, no harm will befall you and your company. You will be tested; you must keep your focus and remember what I have spoken to you this night. Do not fear, God’s presence will go before you and will He give unto thee rest”. 

 When these words were related to me I could begin to sense that the light was growing dimmer. As I raised my head I saw the ball of light shimmer out. At the exact moment the ball of lightening disappeared that was an audible “popping” sound, but the atmosphere in the room remained electric and energized. There was the smell of ozone floating in the air. It was like the smell that accompanies a thunderstorm, only much stronger and seemed to be mingled with frankincense. It seemed as if I was glued to the floor. I was not able to move my body, so I waited there for a few minutes and contemplated what I had just experienced. A while later I rose up to my knees. Isaya was still on the floor. I suppose that the angel had been in the room for about twenty five or thirty minutes. When I asked Isaya what he had experienced he told me that he had seen the angel of God. His testimony is below.

 Isaya’s Testimony

 “Evangelist Kevin and myself were enjoying a nice treatments at the Imperial Hotel as we had big plans to see the works of Brother Dunkin. We want to see how he is doing the work to help the orphan’s children in Uganda so we can also do the works with the many orphans in my home of Mwanza. Truly we do have many orphans in Tanzania that need much help".

 "We prayed and were preparing for the big trip up to Gulu, but is some kind dangerous so we asked God for His blessing. Truly we need His help this time. While we were sleeping we did have heavenly visitor. It was most powerful. I am not able to stand so I did in fact get to the floor and I prayed for God’s mercy. Truly the fear of God was with us that night. I stayed on the floor for sometimes and I stay with prayer. It was a long time before I have the strength to get up from my prayer, for fear I decide to keep with prayer until I am sure it is ok to rise up."

 "Up to now I have never had such a thing happen to me since I have serve the Lord Jesus. Evangelist Kevin said the heavenly visitor is come to help us for our trip to north Uganda, and I think maybe he is right also. For sure we did truly need help when we arrived into Gulu. We did discover that the LRA leader Joseph Kony was truly our neighbor at the hotel there in Gulu. Evangelist Kevin said that we should pray much, and we did pray with much of our heart."

 "One day we did see Kony face to face, and Evangelist Kevin did in fact speak to him. After that we decided that we truly needed to pray very much as Kony is now with us in the hotel.  But our God is in fact greater and we did not have fear, but instead we have strong faith and did press on to preach at Pabo Camp and we did see God do many signs and wonders among the people,  there were many who did choose Jesus to be Savior. But now I am very glad to back in my home with my wife Umpendo and my children, but by God we did get great victory and learn many things to help children in my city. Up to now we have for sure seen many thousand who have prayed to receive the Lord Jesus to be savior as we labor together in the harvest fields of East Africa.”  Zenioubus Isaya

 On To Gulu

 The next day the team loaded up and drove to Gulu. I would like to share a brief account of those events as they bear out this angelic testimony. The first thing that happened was that there was a significant amount of discord that crept into the team. Isaya and I were asked to stay in at the Acholi Hotel in the center of Gulu on Elizabeth Road. Upon entering the hotel I noticed that there were a lot of international media, and NGO’s present including the NATO, WHO, The Red Cross, BBC, and others. I also noticed that there were Ugandan National Troops stationed all around the hotel compound. They had mounted fifty caliber machine guns on the wall near the entrance. Isaya and I talked about our surroundings. The Acholi was a hive of activity.

 That evening we went to one of the camps for the children of the night to preach the gospel to them. Since there was a cease fire in effect there were only about 1200 children on hand. We were told the number at this one camp was usually around 4000. That night several of the children prayed to receive Jesus Christ as Savior. Many others were healed as the team prayed for the sick. Six deaf children had their deaf ears open and were able to hear for the first time.

 The next morning Isaya and I made our way to breakfast at the cafeteria at the hotel. In the courtyard we saw a reporter for the BBC and she was conducting an interview with a dignified Ugandan man. It turned out that he was a member of the government. I saw two English speaking journalists having breakfast and asked them why there was such a buzz and so many reporters and NGO’s present at the hotel. One of the reporters asked me if I had read the paper, which I had not. So he began to tell me that there had been a major breakthrough with the LRA and there was a real chance that there would be a lasting peace agreement brokered at the hotel. The Army was surrounding the hotel because Joseph Kony had surrendered to Ugandan troops that morning and they were bringing him here for the peace talks.

 At that time Joseph Kony was one of the leaders of the Lords Liberation Army. He is alleged to be a truly evil man who has been responsible for thousands of murders and many other atrocities in Northern Uganda and the Sudan. Kony was a man who struck terror in the heart of most Ugandans. Kony is a self proclaimed spokes person of God, and touts himself as a spirit medium. Kony also says that God speaks through him via the Holy Spirit. The problem with these claims is that Kony is involved in barbarous and grisly crimes.

 Even as I was speaking to the English journalists the Ugandan national troops were busy enforcing the hotel perimeter. When I asked the two gentlemen if they know why this was in progress they told me that Kony was due to arrive at any moment. There had been death threats against Kony because he had surrendered to the government and was attending the peace talks that were being held in the hotel. When Isaya and I finished our breakfast we returned to our room. Along the way we saw that marksmen were being deployed into the trees inside of the hotel and there were now armed troops patrolling the perimeter of the hotel both inside and out. Armored cars were rumbling outside the gates as we left the hotel on our way to minister to the children that morning. Still I had a peace remembering the words of the angel from the previous evening. Indeed I had an unexplainable peace and was not concerned with the current events.

 That afternoon we visited several ministries in Gulu. After the day was complete we returned to the hotel to find that the troops and security had only increased.  When we walked through the courtyard to our rooms we were stopped by armed troops. They quickly came to attention as we turned on the sidewalk to our rooms and began to interrogate Isaya in Swahili. They demanded to see our room keys and that seemed to placate them. We wondered why they had been stationed near our rooms, but put it aside. We agreed to meet for dinner after we got cleaned up.

 At dinner Isaya and I discussed the events that were unfolding around us. We had been told that Joseph Kony had indeed surrendered and was being held prisoner in the hotel. That certainly made the presents of all of the additional troops and international new media more understandable. By now we had met some of the victims of the LRA. We met young children whose ears, hands, or lips had been cut off. We were introduced to adolescent girls who had been raped and who had escaped walking for days through the bush seeking asylum to have their unwanted baby. As we talked about the atrocities that we have seen a passion began to well up from the depths of my spirit.

 A Face Of Pure Evil

 I told Isaya that since Kony was in the hotel I was going too fast and pray for the Lord to touch him and to do something about the atrocities and the LRA. I boldly told Bishop Isaya that; “If I see Kony here I am going to preach the gospel to him”! Isaya chuckled and smiled, and I laughed as well. It was a way for us to break the uncomfortable feeling of the seriousness and tension of the situation. The next afternoon we were scheduled to travel to Pabo for the crusade meeting. Isaya and I decided to retire to our separate rooms and pray.  I informed Isaya that I would be staying in the hotel the next morning and not traveling with the team. I hoped to pray as I had promised and to also seek the will of the Lord for the Pabo crusade.

 The next morning Isaya came to get me to come and sit with him for breakfast, and discuss the crusade plans. Although I was fasting I did take some juice and we talked and fellowshipped before he was to leave. After breakfast Isaya and I walked together back to our room. As we turned onto the sidewalk leading to our rooms there was a flurry of activity. Just as I reached my door a uniformed soldier suddenly jumped to attention and leveled an AK47 at our bellies.  Isaya’s eyes became a big as saucers, and I suddenly had a queasy feeling in my stomach. Isaya held his hands up and quickly conversed with the soldier with in Swahili and he lowered his weapon.

 At that same moment there was an order barked out in Swahili. Suddenly the door next to my room burst open and a second soldier stepped out holding a pistol in his hand. I was totally unprepared for what happened next. In one fluid motion three more soldiers stepped out surrounding a tall black man in fatigues. The soldiers flanked the man and he took two steps and was standing directly in front of me. At that unexpected instant I came face to face with evil incarnate. He slowly and deliberately looked at me from the top of my head to the souls of my feet. I could feel his contempt for me, and he was so close that I could smell his horrible breath. It was Joseph Kony.

 I froze for a moment. Then I said: “Hello sir”. Kony sneered at me, and stared at me in the eye for just one moment. His face was full of hatred and contempt. I was looking directly into the eyes of pure evil. Then I thought to myself; “This is my chance to witness to Kony”. However, all that proceeded out of my mouth was “Mungu aukia beriki, mesey”. Translated from Swahili it means; “May God give His blessings to you, sir.” The captain of the troops shouted something and the group pushed by as I turned the key and stepped into my room with Bishop Isaya close behind.

 We were speechless for a moment. Then a great smile creased the face of my good friend Isaya. He laughed and said; “You have really given Kony a good sermon”. We both laughed nervously. I was a little concerned that Kony was living in the room directly between Isaya and I. We talked for a few moments and Isaya said that it was time for him to prepare to leave for the morning. I was tempted to go as I was now uncomfortable with my new neighbor. Before Isaya left I told him that we should both be praying much while we were in such a close proximity to Kony. He agreed and said that he would surely be joining me in prayer when he returned that morning before we left that afternoon for the crusade at Pabo. I told my friend good bye and closed the door. It was then that I noticed my hands were shaking. I laughed, but it was not really funny.

 I lay down on my bed and began to pray. I was restless so I rose up and began to pace and pray. It was then that I saw the soldiers through the rear window of my room. They were patrolling back and forth behind my room. In my mind I kept remembering what the Brits had told us; “There was a death threat and bounty placed on Konys head.” I looked at the walls and wondered if they were thick enough to withstand a grenade meant for Kony. I really began to pray. After an hour or so I remembered that the Lord has not given me a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power, of love, and a sound mind. I recalled what the angel that manifested into our room at Imperial Botanical Beach Hotel had told me; “You will be tested; you must keep your focus and remember what I have spoken to you this night. Do not fear, God’s presence will go before you and will He give unto thee rest”. Yes, exactly, rest. That is what I need.

 I decided to lie down and to try to catch a short nap. I did indeed dose of. However, a short time later I was awakened by a loud pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop sound. My God I thought. That is gun fire. I rolled off the bed onto the tile floor seeking to stay low and avoid being hit by a stray bullet. Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. They were firing again! Then I heard some men talking. I thought they do not seem to be very concerned with the gunfire, or this attack. I crawled over the window and slowly raised my head up just enough to look outside. Slowly I rose up on my feet to get a better look. The soldiers were working on a room about 30 yards away. Pop, pop, pop echoed the sound from the sledge hammer as the workers drove a spikes into the wall. I burst out laughing at myself. What my sleeping mind thought were gunshots were actually blows from the sledge hammer. I spent a restless morning in the room praying for the crusade and asking the Lord to intervene with the LRA and Kony.

 Later after lunch Isaya came to get me the team had come to take us to Pabo for the crusade. Isaya was very excited and had our trusty bullhorn and fresh batteries. He had been informed that the pastors at Pabo were expecting a big crowd. We may see thousands saved this day! Praise God! I grabbed my preach bag and quickly followed Isaya to the jeep. The team was waiting. They were in a hurry, as we were running late. Isaya and I jumped into the jeep and we were off to Pabo.

 We had driven about fifteen miles from Gulu when suddenly the Holy Spirit asked me a question. The Lord asked; “Where are you”. Instantly I knew what the Lord was saying. I has disregarded the instructions that the angel had given us in Entebbe; “You must be careful when you travel to Gulu. There will be great danger there. You must listen to what I say, and be careful to do as I tell you. You must not travel North East of Gulu”. I had also seen the vision of a group of people riding in a white Jeep. “You must fast and pray while you in the North East, no harm befall you and your company. You will be tested; you must keep your focus and remember what I have spoken to you this night.”  “Oh, Lord please forgive me and help us”, my mind screamed.

 Here I was riding in a white Jeep. It was the same one I had seen in the vision. After about fifteen more minutes of travel on the rough road I mustered up the courage to ask the driver Jerry a question. “Hey, Jerry, can you tell me what direction we are traveling”. “Sure we are just about thirty minutes from Pabo; we are going roughly North East”. I purposed to be strong and of good courage. Sure the angel had told me not to travel in a white jeep, and not to go North East, but how bad could it really be?

 About that time we crested a small hill and rounded a curve surrounded by thick bushes. The Jeep suddenly screeched to a swift halt. Just as I was about to ask what was going on I saw several Ugandan soldiers running at the jeep with their AK47 primed and pointed at us. Then I heard a mechanical sound, and looking behind the soldiers I saw an armored personnel carrier with a fifty caliber machine gun mounted to the top. It had just swiveled and the barrel was pointed at our white jeep. Soon the jeep was surrounded and our driver Jerry said not to worry as he thrust his hands into the air. My friend told everyone in the jeep not to say a word and for God sakes not to take any pictures.

 Jerry and the captain of the troops had an animated discussion for several minutes. It seemed that the men wanted to have a case of the sodas we had tied to the luggage rack on top. In addition to this we were told that we should return to Gulu because the LRA had been seen moving through the area, and that the army could not guarantee our safety. Jerry agreed to give the troops some soda and after that was completed we continued on our way. It did not make me feel any better that the operator of the fifty caliber machine gun followed our progress by aiming the weapon in our direction as we drove away.

 When we arrived at Pabo we drove to a pastors meeting and were told that the witch doctors had been opposing the crusade. They had promised to curse anyone from Pabo who attended the meeting, and worse said that they would turn anyone attending over to LRA informants within the PDC. We were also told that death threats had been made against the preacher. "Oh great",  I thought! I was now wishing more than ever that I had remembered the angels warning and obeyed!

 We had a fellowship dinner with many of the Christians of Pabo. Then we were treated to a worship session. After worship we got into the white Jeep and rode to the place designated for the crusade. Instead of having 20,000 or more as we had hoped there was only about 1,500 people on the grounds. Immediately when I stepped out of the Jeep my foot landed upon something. I looked down to see that I had stepped directly on a fetish. It was the carcass of a dead animal that the witch doctors had used in an incantation to curse the grounds the previous night. No one had dared to touch it to remove it from the grounds for fear of coming under the curse it signified. But here I was standing on this fetish with my left foot and smelling the foul demonic odor it emitted. "Jesus"! "Help"!

 None the less Isaya and I were courageous. In my heart I asked the Lord for forgiveness for being disobedient, and I told the Lord that if I were to die today for preaching His gospel I was willing. However, I asked that He would grant to me that I would be able to lead at least 1000 people to Jesus as Savior and that He would glorify Himself by releasing mighty miracles here in Pabo. We took our bullhorns and climbed up to the makeshift platform and began to preach. God was so faithful. We saw many who were healed and set free, and it was estimated that about several hundred people did pray to receive Jesus as Savior in that meeting at Pabo. God did amazing miracles at this outreach, the blind saw, the deaf heard, many tumors dissolved, and the Kingdom of Heaven invaded this stronghold of darkness in Pabo.

 The Sobering Consequences of Disobedience

 The team was forced to make a quick retreat from Pabo that evening. As the crusade was winding down there were men from another religion who had come to stone us. We all quickly said our goodbyes to the pastors and began the long drive back to Gulu. We needed to reach the checkpoint by dusk or we would be forced to spend the night in Pabo. We enjoyed a hurries and dangerous ride back to Gulu. We crossed the first check point with just moments to spare and arrived back in Gulu safe and sound.

That night I was demonically attacked in my sleep. As a matter of fact a strong demonic oppression settled upon my mind, and I fought to keep sickness from manifesting in my body. I believe that by disobeying the Lord and disregarding the angelic direction I had opened a door for the enemy to oppress me. The next morning we were scheduled to leave Gulu. This too turned out to be a great blessing, as the shaky cease fire fell apart.

 The night before the LRA had raided a nearby village raping, pillaging and plundering. Several children had been taken, and front page of a local newspaper showed a large photo of six young women who had been tortured. The LRA had cut their lips off as a symbol of what would happen to those who informed against their movements, and actions. The newspaper was a sickening reminder and display of the horrors that are for the most part forgotten by the Western world. We would never see such a photo in a Western newspaper. It is better that we ignore such travesties, and continue in our comfortable lifestyles.

I fought this oppression and demonic dreams for about four months after returning for Uganda. It was not until Kathy and I traveled to North Carolina from Kansas City that I was set free. Let me stress the importance of this. This strong demonic oppression was working on my mind to quit the ministry. I had almost come to the point to agree with the lie. I was being physically attacked, and I was being tormented in by dreams by this same demonic force. I had just about given up.

 The Prophets

While we were in Moravian Falls my friend John Macgirvin suggested that we visit Bob Jones. He was at this time holding cell group meetings in his home close to Moravian Falls, in Statesville, North Carolina. John is a good friend of Mr. Jones and Kathy and I decided to go at the leading of the Holy Spirit. I sensed that the Lord "had something" for us there.

 Bob is and was a wonderful man of God, and I truly enjoyed listening to him share. He was speaking about the eye of God among other things. At the end of the meeting Bob Jones pointed out Kathy and I asked us to stand up. There were about forty or so people in Bob's home that night. He said; “I am wanna to pray for you”. I thought; "Alright, this is great", but what happened next took me off guard.

 As I stood before Bob Jones that evening he said; “Boy, I see a demons done followed you back from Africa…that’s right…ain't it?  I see him sneakin around over there…You been to Africa lately have you”? I told him that I got back about four months ago. Bob went on; “That devil is trying to get you to lay down your call…you can’t do that friend…God really has a strong call on your life, that is right…I see more than that on ya too…no…if you lay down that call that would be like a sin…no…the Lord has plans for you, son…that thing has been lying to you…I can see that it has been whispering in your ear…telling you that it is no use….that you ain't maken no difference…boy that is a lie straight from the pits of hell….that means that you are making a big difference..the devil is trien to stop what the Lord has planned to work through you…no you can’t stop. God is callin you to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom and ta heal the sick. You got a real aniontin' for miracles on ya. ”

 Mr. Jones then laid hands upon Kathy and I for impartation and he also prayed and prophesied over me and broke the power of the demonic curse that was oppressing me. I immediately felt a great freedom and a release. From that day forward I was free from that oppression. One thing I do know is that by my disobedience I had placed myself out of the Lord’s perfect will. I allowed myself to be in a position that opened the door for the enemy to take pot shots at me, seek to destroy me, and the ministry that the Lord has laid upon my heart. I endured about 120 days of torment that was totally unnecessary had I just listened to the angel and not traveled North East of Gulu. The Lord has sought to protect us by giving us a warning through the angelic ministry. I am reminded of how the Holy Spirit warned Paul not to travel to Bithynia in Acts 16:7-9.

 Let that be a lesson to you. Obedience is better than sacrifice. I am in no way comparing myself or my experiences to the prophet Daniel, or the Apostle Paul but what I want to convey to you is that the Lord still uses angels to give His saints and friend’s important messages and guidance. It is not necessary to be some kind of spiritual giant to experience angelic ministry.

  What is important is the condition of our hearts. The Lord is more interested in our hearts than our hands. In other words the Lord would prefer that we strive to become His friends, and be obedient to His guidance, rather than strive to be anointed to be some kind of popular of miracle worker, or minister. I once heard it said: “It is better to be a well done good and faithful servant, than a half baked preacher.”

 I believe that multitudes of Gods friends will begin to encounter Godly angels like this that will bring them messages for guidance and protection at this hour. Please remember that Obedience is better than sacrifice.

To watch the powerful documentary by Uganda Orphans Fund;

Cry Of The Bushabout the atrocities in Northern Uganda click HERE.

To donate to directly to the word of Uganda Orphans Fund Click HERE.


Press Release About Gulu Peace Talks

 Updated 8:34 a.m. CT, Thurs., Aug. 3, 2006

NABANGA, Sudan - The elusive leader of a brutal 19-year Ugandan rebellion held his first formal peace talks with government officials Monday, giving a boost to efforts to end a conflict that has swept up children and killed and maimed civilians. Joseph Kony, leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army, shook hands with a delegation of 160 officials and lawmakers from northern Uganda and representatives of non-governmental organizations before three holese border. The camp was decorated in palm leaves as a sign of peace. Journalists were taken there, but were not told exactly where they were, and were not allowed to use their cell phones until they were returned to Sudan. “For meaningful talks to continue there must be a cessation of hostilities,” the rebels said in a statement after the talks. Kony had been expected to turn up for the talks Sunday.

The Man Wants Peace

Before Monday’s talks, Kony met informally with some Ugandan government officials at a secret location Sunday night, said Walter Ochora, the top administrator of the northern Uganda district of Gulu, which has borne the brunt of Kony’s rebellion. “It was very positive ... The man wants peace,” Ochora told The Associated Press. He said Kony had been in poor health, coughing blood, but was feeling better. The Lord’s Resistance Army is made up of the remnants of a rebellion that began after Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni took power in 1986. Its political agenda is unclear. But it has set up rear bases in Sudan and Congo, and has been accused of attacking civilians and threatening stability in those countries. It is known for abducting thousands of children, forcing them to become fighters, servants or concubines. Thousands of civilians have died in the conflict and more than 1 million have been forced to flee their homes. Kony is under indictment by the International Criminal Court, but Museveni has offered to protect him if the LRA agrees to give up its weapons. The rebels, however, have demanded that they be incorporated into Uganda’s national army. New York-based Human Rights Watch denounced all calls for amnesty, saying international law rejects impunity for “genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and torture.” - This statement was taken from a press release by the Associated Press.

As it turned out the secret location may have been the Acholi Hotel!

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