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Miracles Abound

By Staff

Dear Kevin and Kathy


I wanted to thank you for all that you do for the people of God in your ministry. I recently noticed on your web site that Donna Schambauch was speaking there are the Moravian Falls Big Tent Revival on July 4th. We just love her! I got to listen to her message on Ressurection power that I was sent through the Pneuma Network. My husband and I were so blessed by Donna's message.

When I was there with you in October 2014 at the Yom Kippor Gathering and for the School of the Supernatural with Julie Meyers and Joshua Mills. I am still enjoying the cd teachings from those meetings!

I have been really blessed by Kevin's book 31 Word Decrees That Can Revolutionize Your Life! My life has been changed for the better as we decree the daily scriptures from the book.

I wanted to give God glory because He healed my right eye at the first meeting in your meeting. I was blind in my right eye. I also received a dental miracle and the Lord gave me new enamel on my two front teeth on my birthday October 5th, 2014 in your healing meeting!

God bless you and the whole King of Glory team for all that you do for Jesus! I know I am greatly blessed by your ministry!

Gladys H, Texas

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