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A Prophetic Word for the Great State of Tennessee

By Kevin Basconi

A Prophetic Word for the Great State of Tennessee

*Unless otherwise noted, all scripture quotations are from the New King James Bible.

 Supernatural Synchronicity

The Lord has impressed upon my spirit the importance of exercising our spiritual senses to resonate in sync with Heaven (1Cornthians 2:14). I have started to call this dynamic supernatural synchronicity. Synchronicity is a word that was coined by a psychologist named Carl Jung. But you know, sometimes the Lord uses worldly concepts to release revelation to people in the Body of Christ. We have come to a moment of time where there is going to be a supernatural synchronicity between God and man, the Creator and the creature. You could say God is releasing a supernatural syncopation or rhythm between heaven and earth.

Synchronicity in psychology refers to gaining understanding or knowledge that could not be known by natural means. Supernatural synchronicity (Kevin’s definition) refers to receiving revelation from the Spirit of God (the Holy Spirit) by supernatural means.

I’ve had the privilege to invest last six months or so resting in the presence of the Lord, reading, resting, fasting, and praying. It has been a season of seeking the Lord. And whilst waiting upon Him in Eastern Tennessee the Lord began to speak to me about how heaven resonates and vibrates. Heaven is full of sights and sounds! It is appropriate that this prophetic word for Tennessee was decreed in Nashville, as this location is both chronologically and geographically important to God’s plans. Nashville is the perfect place to release this prophetic word about Tennessee. Nashville is also poised for revival fires to break out at any second!

Supernatural Revelations

Again, we have entered into a God appointed time when there will be a supernatural synchronicity between heaven and earth; God and His people. So what does synchronicity really mean? Well, sometimes when people are born with a twin brother or twin sister, they can be separated or even in another state or nation yet they automatically know the same details of a thing (information) at the same instant. They have the same revelation supernaturally; there is no natural way for this exchange of knowledge to happen (it is beyond the realm of reason; it is supernatural in nature).

Revelation is released and the transfer of this knowledge emerges from the spiritual realms. This knowledge cannot be explained by cognition or human reasoning (psychology). It’s synchronicity (between twins for example). Scientists can’t explain it. It’s the same dynamic that releases revelation between you and the Holy Ghost. There can be a supernatural synchronicity between you and the Holy Spirit where you can have the unction of the Holy Spirit and know all things (1John 2:20). It’s called revelation. These dynamics are one of the ministries of the precious Holy Spirit (John 16:13).

A God Appointed Time

Again, we have entered into a God appointed time. There will be an acceleration of the supernatural synchronicity between heaven and earth (between the Creator and the creature). When God prepares to do a new thing in a region or a state, a nation or even the whole earth how does He usually initiate or ear mark what He is about to do? Let’s use Jesus as an example. When Jesus came upon the scene how was the Savior’s arrival that earmarked?

Remember in the book of Luke what happened; When Jesus came upon the scene a multitude of angels that showed up, right (Luke 2:13-15). When Jesus came upon the scene even the angel Gabriel appeared to earmark and announce what God was about to do (Luke 1:11-26). Gabriel appeared and proclaimed a message to God’s people (he announced the birth of the Messiah, Jesus Christ). There are many more examples in scripture. However, when God is about to do something significant or pour out His Spirit upon the earth, He often releases angels to felicitate and announce what He is about to do.

A Kairos Time for Tennessee

There is a realm of the Spirit that was released February 22, 2018 in Nashville, Tennessee. You see, to be supernaturally aligned or to be in synchronicity with the Kingdom of heaven, you need to be in the right place at the right time. Chronological and geographical obedience are crucial for supernatural synchronicity to manifest. There is a supernatural dynamic of the Holy Spirit that was released or activated by the Lord on February 22, 2018. This movement or outpouring of the Holy Spirit will impact the entire state of Tennessee and possible the entire earth for God’s glory.

Tennessee came to such a place on February 22, 2018. God released something into the great state of Tennessee and into the heartlands of America. When God releases something and you feel the glory, the anointing, and the presence of the Holy Spirit upon it; then the word resonates with your spirit. If this word is resonating with your spirit man as you read this article then make a conscious decision to receive it. When your spirit is resonating with the Holy Spirit is you are entering a form of supernatural synchronicity or spiritual discernment with the Kingdom of Heaven (1Cornthians 2:14).

On February 22, 2018 Tennessee came to a place where God released something from the Kingdom of Heaven that is going to impact America. Something was released that may well resonate with your spirit as well. That’s supernatural synchronicity. The Lord assigned and released specific angelic beings to minister for the saints (God’s friends) in Tennessee on February 22, 2018 (Hebrews 1:14). If what you are reading is resonating within your spirit, receive it. The Lord released the anointing of Acts 2:22 (amoung others) into Tennessee and into the heartlands of America on 2-22,2018.

It’s Acts 2:22.

Men of Israel, hear these words: Jesus of Nazareth, a Man attested by God to you by miracles, wonders, and signs which God did through Him in your midst, as you yourselves also know—

How many of you want to be that person, how many of you want to be that man or woman of God that is known because of the supernatural signs and wonders evident upon their life as they stretch forth their hand to heal in the name of the Holy Child, Jesus (Acts 4:29,30). Do you want that kind of power (miracles, signs, and wonders) and anointing unfolding upon your life and ministry?  This grace gift of God was released on 2-22, 2018. This kind of Kingdom authority is not given for glorifying an individual or to building up a minister or a specific ministry. It’s about making the name of Jesus Christ known to the all of the nations of the earth—it’s about Jesus, the Anointed One, the Messiah. Hallelujah! It’s a supernatural synchronicity where we begin to resonate with heaven to recreate Christ in our in our spheres of influence. (You outshine Jesus). This increase of the Kingdom is available to you!

The Vision

I was waiting upon the Lord in prayer in the Cherokee National Forest when I received this vision. I love presence and peace of God that is found in the mountains of Tennessee. If you look at the state of Tennessee, it looks like a gun. The eastern tip of Tennessee looks like the end or the barrel of a gun (2Cornthians 10:4-6). Tennessee was created to be a weapon of warfare in the Kingdom of God. As I was waiting on the Lord in the Cherokee National Forest, I entered into a vision of the state of Tennessee. I saw the whole state, from west to east, and I begin to see the winds of change blow across Tennessee. As the vision unfolded I began to see the winds of change blow stronger and stronger.

The winds of change are angelic beings. As I watched the vision, the state of Tennessee began to change into the image of the flag of Tennessee and the whole state was covered by the flag. The winds of change were blowing from west to east across Tennessee. I saw the stars on the Tennessee state flag begin to swirl around and around.

The book of Revelation says Jesus has the seven stars of the seven churches in His hand; clearly those stars represent angels (See Revelation 1:20). Sometimes God releases specific angels to specific regions to release or help (minister for) God’s people to accomplish a God ordained task or purpose.

The three stars on the flag of Tennessee represent the three land masses or land regions of the state. There are the mountains to the east. There are the highlands in the middle where Nashville is located, and there are the lowlands to the west. I saw the three stars on the flag began to swirl and rotate in the vision as the glory of God began to fill me. I was given the revelation that God released His angels of breakthrough into the three regions of Tennessee on 2-22, 2018.

The Eyes of the Lord

There have been revivals in the past and they’ve been good and served wonderfully for God’s purposes. But God has His eyes searching throughout the United States of America at this hour. It is a 2 Chronicles 16:9 dynamic that is unfolding today: “…the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth…” God is actively seeking those whose hands are clean and whose hearts are pure that He might show Himself strong through.

The eyes of the Lord are running throughout the land. As I watched the Tennessee state flag unfurl, it looked like the United States Flag as it was fluttering across the field at Super Bowl 52. (By the way, it is time for the God’s people to rise up like eagles, just as the Philadelphia Eagles rose up and overcame adversity and injury to win Super Bowl 52). That’s the way the flag of Tennessee appeared and seemed to be floating fluttering across the state of Tennessee during this vision.

The stars were rotating and then (in the spirit) I began to see God’s angels of breakthrough going out into the different regions of the state. I saw the winds of change moving and blowing through Tennessee to touch the states and cities along Interstate 40, and through Interstate 24. (Isaiah 40 may well describe the type of outpouring God will spark along interstate 40).I witnessed the Lord’s angels of breakthrough and the angels of the winds of change moving along these highways to touch and release revival and breakthrough into the villes and the burgs (of both Tennessee and America). God is activating and releasing a fresh outpouring of revival fire in Nashville, Tennessee specifically. From Tennessee this revival fires will spread throughout the land and burn into the seven states that boarder Tennessee (if they can receive the revival fires). These revival fires will spread from Tennessee and will also touch the nations.

The Anointing of Acts 2:22

God is looking for a place with His heart in this state of Tennessee. God is looking for a place where the Holy Spirit can land (explode)—a place where His Spirit can land and have the freedom and the liberty to release His glory and the anointing of Acts 2:22 and Acts 10:38.  God is looking for a place where He can pour out His Spirit upon all flesh. It’s an opportune time for the state of Tennessee. It’s an opportune time for Nashville.  It’s an opportune time for you. God released His angels of breakthrough on assignment February 22nd, 2018 in Nashville.

It is an opportune time for individuals. It’s an opportune time for ministries. It’s an opportune time for regions and states to embrace the revival fires of God. Hallelujah! And the state of Tennessee, shaped like a gun, God is going to equip and train and raise up men and women that will operate in the anointing of Acts 2:22—miracles, signs, and wonders. As these friends of God preach and declare the word of God; Jesus working with them will release a fresh wave of miracles, signs, and wonders (Acts 4:29-30). That is another type of the supernatural synchronicity (working in sync with Jesus) that was been released from the very Throne of God on February 22nd, 2018 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Why not you? Why not us? Why not now? It’s Tennessee’s turn. It’s Tennessee’s turn to burn with revival fires. It’s Tennessee’s turn to burn white hot with the Gospel of the Kingdom. It’s Tennessee’s turn to burn white hot with the power of God. It’s Tennessee’s turn to burn bright with the glory of the Lord. Hallelujah! It is time for His people to outshine Jesus in the great state of Tennessee (Matthew 5:14). It is time to luminous Jesus in the heartlands of America! It time for you to be salt and to be light.

The Breaker Anointing Released For You

There will be heavenly activations and impartations. The Lord will raise up training and equipping centers. God has released the breakthrough. The three stars on the Tennessee State flag represent the three types of God’s angels that are actively moving throughout Tennessee and beyond. They are looking for a place that can be empowered and released to burn brightly with revival fire and harvest. There are certain times in the spirit when God releases angels of revival and angels of breakthrough. These types of God’s angels bring revival and they automatically usher in change. They bring spiritual change. They bring social change. They bring change to nations; they can even bring change to the entire world. There was a Jewish prophet who wrote a significant prophecy in 1964. His name was Robert Zimmerman. The prophecy is called, “The Times They Are a- Changin’.” Allow me to say that the times are changing in Tennessee and in America. Let God arise and His enemies be scattered (Psalm 68:1).

God is looking for men and women who will stand upon the word and will stand for what is right, who will not call evil good or good evil (Isaiah 5:20). These overcomers will call white white and black black, who will stand on the word of God. They may not be “politically correct”. And God is going to raise up such a group of men and women from Tennessee. And He’s going to shoot them out of the barrel of His gun and they are going to impact not only other states but other nations for God’s glory alone.

This is where we’ve come: 2 Samuel, chapter 5, verse 20.

So David went to Baal Perazim, and David defeated them there; and he said, “The LORD has broken through my enemies before me, like a breakthrough of water.” Therefore he called the name of that place Baal Perazim.

There are angels of breakthrough that help you to break through and become victorious over the personal strongholds in your life. They help you to break through whatever the enemy has placed in your path to keep you from moving forward and advancing into your God ordained destinies. You have a call upon your life—every single one of you reading this article has a call upon your life. Your call is to re-create Christ in your sphere of influence. There has been an assignment released from the Kingdom of Heaven. God is going to release grace and favor in 2018 to those who can position themselves to receive it. The Lord is assigning angels of breakthrough, angels of revelation, and angels of creative miracles to minister for you today (Acts 2:22, Hebrews 1:14).

Another aspect of supernatural synchronicity is that you become supernaturally attuned with heaven. Expect God to begin to do amazing things in your life. This is a God-ordained Kairos moment of time. You are at a God-ordained place, (no matter where you are reading this). God releases His blessings at specific times and in specific places. Today is such a God-ordained Kairos moment of time for you. You can step into supernatural synchronicity with heaven by faith and minister in the anointing of Acts 2:22. Be salt and light; outshine Jesus today!

"Father, we thank You for Your presence. We thank You for the great salvation that You released when Jesus came onto the scene. Lord, we thank You that there are kairos moments of time when you change things.  Lord, we thank You that there are kairos moments of time when You purpose to impact the whole earth with your glory. Thank you Father that You will impact Your friends with Your presence and with Your Spirit in 2018. Thank you for supernatural change. Lord, I thank you that you have released the winds of change into the heartlands of America. Lord, thank you that we have come to a kairos moments of time when you are opening the windows and doors of heaven and pouring out revival fires and harvest into Tennessee and into the heartlands of America. Father, I surrender my heart to You, and I ask You Father to let Your revival fires burn with in my spirit today. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen".


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