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The Prophecy of the Ancient Doors - The Seer Anointing and The Winds of Time

By Kevin Basconi

The Prophecy of the Ancient Doors - The Seer Anointing

And The Winds of Time

May 27, 2018

These prophesies were birthed at

Heaven Touching Earth Gathering #15

Unless otherwise noted, all scripture quotations are from the New King James Bible.

I was standing in the spirit during worship. I was standing before these very, very large ancient, massive doors. And there were two large angels standing on each side of the doors as guards. You could see it was very old, it was very dark.

Then I heard a voice like thunder and I saw a bright light in the voice. The ground shook, the light hit the doors, and the Lord said, “I am opening the ancient doors.” The angels lifted up their arms as if to worship. And they began to shine very brightly. And He said, “I am releasing the ancient ways. This has not been seen since the beginning.”

I saw great keys floating in the spirit, and the doors opened. Great light came through the doors as they opened, and I saw a great multitude of people standing. It was a huge area and it was very dark, and I didn’t see the people until the doors opened. They were standing, and the light shone everywhere. Then thousands upon thousands of keys came to the remnant, to the sons and the daughters of God. The keys, the Lord said, were for the nations. The glory manifested in great waves upon them. A great multitude of angels came forth upon the remnant, and they were lifted up into the spirit and they were dispersed all over the earth.

I heard trumpets being blown—great rejoicing, for the King of Glory was coming through the gates. A great massive light with multi colors arrayed from Him and around Him. Tens of thousands of angels were with Him as He came through the gates. Great winds and clouds swirled all around Him. The heavens shook at His voice. Great winds and rains full of rainbows were in the atmosphere, then the heavens sang the song—the song of the King.

That was awesome, wasn’t it? The Bible says in Romans 13:7 to give honor to whom honor is due. We have so many wonderful people here. I just want to thank all of your for coming to these Heaven Touching Earth events.

In 2004 I used to live in Kansas City. My pastor, Pastor Alan, is here. He and Pastor Carol were my pastors in Kansas City at Christ Triumphant. They have been my pastors for the last sixteen years or so. While I was in Kansas City, the Lord began to speak to me about the seer anointing. I was in my prayer room in Kansas City in my favorite chair (now in the Equipping Center) when I was taken up into heavenly places. And I came to sit on this granite bench in the heavenly places. I looked to my side, and Jesus was on my left-hand side and I was on His right-hand side. The Lord began to speak to me.

The Lord took His finger and He pointed and asked, “Kevin, do you see?” I began to look, and I could not see what He was pointing at. I said, “Lord, I’m so sorry. I don’t see.” It’s okay to be honest with the Lord. And so He pointed again. He said, “Kevin, look again.” He pointed with His index finger, the one representing the prophet. Pointing with the prophetic finger, He said, “Kevin, look again.” When I did, my vision was magnified and I could see these massive mountains, perhaps a thousand miles away.

He said, “Kevin, look again.” When I looked I could see even better. And I saw on the ledge of this mountain this abyss, and I saw this massive eagle’s nest. Then I heard this eagle screeching. The Lord said, “Kevin, look again.” I saw this beautiful golden eagle as it landed on the edge of this eagle’s nest. I said, “This is amazing, Lord!” And He said, “Kevin, look again.” And when I did, I could see the nest in great detail, and there were thousands of eggs in that nest and they began to wiggle. And then the Lord said, “Kevin, listen.” When I began to listen, my hearing was magnified. I saw little eaglets begin to peck their way with their egg tooth out of the eggshells and they began to wobble around on the nest.

And the Lord began to give me revelation about raising up eagle’s nests in America and beyond. And God is raising up golden eagles in this hour. And I believe the time has come for the eagles to begin to soar. I believe I am talking to those eagles tonight. The Lord is releasing His people to soar and to roar; you are called to soar into the heavenlies and to roar over the earth to release destiny and the Kingdom of Heaven.

I want to take a moment to recognize a young man who is here. I believe as I was praying earlier the Lord said there would be someone coming down off the mountain. Okay, that’s nice; I wonder what that means. There is a young man here named Gary. Would you like to come up and say something, sir? Come on up here. Put your hands together; let’s welcome Gary.

Wow! Bless you all. Wow! I am honored that you would even ask me. The Lord has had me in a hiding place for a very long time with Him alone. I haven’t spoken in almost two years until right now. I told Him I wouldn’t speak until He would have me to. I wouldn’t take a ministry opportunity until it was the Lord. So He would have me speak this summer on August 8th on the forty-third anniversary of Bob’s death and resurrection at the Bob Jones Vision Center. So, that’s a great honor.

I had an encounter this week. The Lord sent an angel named The Winds of Time; he’s the keeper of time. It’s now for this season, right now. I believe that’s part of why I’m here tonight, to share this. He holds the keys to time, times and seasons. But we have now shifted because the Lord has sent him into the earth for us, for you, for the Body of Christ, for the remnant because things are shifting now from chronos time to kairos. Kairos has entered the earth in a new dimension like we’ve never known before.

And I really believe it’s today (May 27, 2018). He came to me this week, but I believe it’s about today. I didn’t know this was happening. This sounds really strange. I came to see someone on the mountain today, of all things. The Lord wanted me to come today supernaturally, and I showed up. And the Lord said, “Spend the night here and get a room.” He said, “Get a room at the Holiday Inn (Holy Day Inn). ” So I came to the Holiday Inn, and here I am. And it is all supernatural. It’s a divine appointment.

It’s amazing, you spoke about tonight being the beginning of Pentecost. I believe this the true one, tonight being a double shabbat. What is remarkable is that it was forty years ago today that I was baptized in the Holy Spirit—forty years ago tonight. Tonight! Forty years ago tonight in Montrose, Colorado. The Lord told me today would be a miraculous, remarkable day. And I can’t even unpack it.

I just bless you all in the name of Jesus with the fullness of the Holy Spirit and all He desires to do in you. And I pray the angel of the winds of time would release kairos in everyone of your lives right now and it would sync up with chronos. And that the Lord would redeem all the years and sync them up. You are all right on time. You are not lacking. You are not behind. You are right on time. And He wants to bless you with that and know it and know He will begin moving in powerful ways in your life what you have waited for for years. I believe He is releasing those keys. As you enter into intercession about this and worship and that place of glory, I just believe these encounters are going to happen to you in greater ways. Bless you all. Thank you.

Somebody give the Lord a handclap of praise. Hallelujah! Don’t you love it when God hijacks your day? There’s a lot of angelic activity in unfolding all over the world at this time. Allow me to encourage you to learn to discern the times and season around you; Lear to roar and to soar!

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